Call or text to noitify the team if your child will not be attending today or if you will be late to collect your child

First Quest Day Nursery

01905 799 353


QEST @ Stoke Prior Site:

0753 400 7824


Denise Phelps: 07910 114 988 Helen Dear: 07914 794 821


All activities will be well planned and organised by our experienced and qualified team.

The team will look to plan around the seasons and celebrations such as Easter/Spring and will stimulate and encourage the children in a fun way whilst they learn new skills.

We are always conscious that this out of school time is a leisure time for the children and want to continue this within the club.  We will therefore encourage the children to be responsible for the sort of activities that they would like to be doing and taking part in.  If the children have homework to complete within this time we will offer them the time and space to be able to do their work and a member of the team will be on hand to support them if necessary.

The club also supports the Active Club programme created by the British Heart Foundation which encourages children to participate in lots of great physical activities and games.