Call or text to noitify the team if your child will not be attending today or if you will be late to collect your child

First Quest Day Nursery

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Duty of Care

As professional child carers our team are always kept up to date on current requirements for safeguarding children.  Under present guidelines for child protection, staff are required to record information that a child provides them with if they are concerned for the safety of that child. 

The managers of the club could be asked for this information by social services and other bodies who deal with the welfare of children who may be deemed at risk.  It would be hoped that on most occasions to prevent any misunderstandings we would be able to discuss any concerns with the relevant parents before intervention from any professional bodies. 

The QEST team will always be working under a strictly confidential code of conduct and will always act appropriately to any concerns for a child in our care.  The QEST team forge close relationships with the families that use our clubs so parents/carers and indeed the children themselves can feel confident that they can confide any concerns or issues to a member of staff who will follow the correct course of action to support them.